Home Choir

Sing from home and create a magical result together

With the Home Choir you step out of the digital reality and connect with yourself and with your happy colleagues. Perfect polyphony, just from your own home. How? Everyone learns to sing their own singing part, tapes it on video, sends it to us and we combine all your videos into one fantastic result on video. Sounds great and looks amazing!

We take care of almost everything. All you have to do is choose your song, get your colleagues ready to sing and, of course, you join in as a singer. How about a magical message to the entire company or to your customers, an energetic team building activity, a strong PR message or “just” achieving something beautiful together?

And this is what it looks like with the Dutch Banking Authority: De Nederlandse Bank

Other companies that have sung in their own Home Choir are EY (Ernst & Young), NRG, North West Hospitalgroup, several churches and our collaboration with well known Dutch singer Richy Brown.

How does it work?

  1. You choose your favorite song from our list of over 70 pop songs. We are also open for other song suggestions.
  2. We write different harmonies, record instruments and make “sing-along videos” for each vocal part (low, middle, high). This way everyone can participate easily.
  3. We create your own page on our website where all materials are provided. Participators practice and make a video at home and upload their video on this page.
  4. We bring all the videos together into one polyphonic singing choir in a magical video.

Price excluding VAT. Minimum 20 people

Also possible in Dutch

mail: info@popupchoir.nl
call: Tijmen de Koning: +31 (0) 6 247 947 94