Singing together remotely

Feeling completely free while singing in the shower or in the car. Ecstatic right?! That feeling, but together with all your colleagues from your own living rooms. With our Singalong you all sing-a-long to the best pop songs. This is all about having fun and creating energy. Best part: only your neighbours will probably hear you.

Professional livestream: sounds great, looks amazing

With our experienced professional livestream we deliver an energetic experience with humor, enthusiasm and excellent sound and video. Make it complete with a large Zoom or MS Teams session, so you can also see each other singing. And that of course ensures a strong connection between everyone.

How does it work?

  • Pick a few favorites from our list of 70 pop songs. You can also add your own favorites.
  • Activate everyone to sing along. We make a short promo video to help you create enthusiasm on the forehand.
  • You know it works, because we test the live stream with you a few days prior to the event.
  • Our sessions are usually 30/45 minutes. Shorter or longer sessions are also possible.
  • We stream from our home studio.

    Also possible: Singalong at your location – for a recognizable look and feel for the at-home-singers.


New: Singalong as a short Energizer: 10-15 minutes at the start, middle or end of your your event or meeting.

We also have a ‘Light’ version of the Singalong. That’s all of the above, but without the professional livestream set-up. But still a livestream and cheaper than the ‘full package’. Contact us for the details.

Also in Dutch

call: Tijmen de Koning +31(0) 6 247 947 94


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