Popup Choir in real life

Singing face to face: just a few more months and it’s possible again

Popup Choir is all about connecting with each other and with yourself, by singing together. At this moment this is not possible yet ‘in real life’, but soon everything opens up again! Keep your heads up, because that’s how we send some positive energy into the world together. You can book us without any obligation for a Popup Choir ‘in real life’ in the future.

Experience the euphoria together with your friends, colleagues or complete strangers: at your event you will be singing a beautiful pop jewel as a newly formed choir within an hour. You connect, collaborate, and will always have the wow! experience of magical polyphonic singing. It’s for everyone, no singing experience needed.

With the inspiring musical direction of Maarten (29, conductor) and Tijmen (30, guitarist) we work with a lot of energy and humor in a relaxed, down-to-earth way towards a wonderful sounding result.

Singing together is possible from 20 people, we do not have an upper limit. Contact us for all possibilities. The duration and structure can be adjusted in consultation. We are open for all kinds of ideas. Contact us for prices and options

Also possible in Dutch

mail: info@popupchoir.nl
call: Tijmen de Koning: +31 (0) 6 247 947 94