Singalong: Robbie Williams – Angels

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And through it aaaaaaaaaaaaall!

That moment. In the Bullekerk church. In three harmonies. You gotta be there. For which angel are you singing this song?

Besides Angels you also sing along with Feel and Let me Entertain You. That does not sound like something stupid right?

Popup Choir is the go-to-place to enjoy singing together.

Every event a fantastic pop song is chosen and you learn to sing this in different harmonies. You’re not just the audience, you are also the performer.

No experience needed. Success guaranteed. Sing yourself happy



Schrijf je in voor de PopUpdate! Zodat je weet wat er speelt. Qua liedjes. En locaties. Verschijnt ongeveer 1x per maand en houdt jou op de hoogte van komende events en specials.

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